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The Leader of Ox Gallstones Buying Company in Asia

Time: 2017-07-27

In 1985, Grand Orient International Enterprises Limited was established in Hong Kong. It is an international company committed to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) procurement and processing, we have set up the offices in 23 countries and regions around the world.

After scientific demonstration of modern medicine, compared with Western Medicine (WM), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has the advantages of safer, fewer side effects, no damage to the gastrointestinal tract, and less liver and kidney stimulation. With the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) more and more accepted by modern medicine, the demand for natural Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is also growing. Huge economic benefits disturb the normal order of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) market.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has extremely strict requirements for the place of origin and processing methods. Grand Orient International Enterprises Limied exactly is the advocates of "famous-region drug" (strictly adhere to the medicine of the place of origin) and "made in the ancient way" (ancient processing method). Our team has more than 30 years of chinese medicine procurement and processing experience, have the strict quality inspection and  control for the traditional Chinese medicine raw materials.

Taking advantage of Hong Kong's strong cargo transshipment and financial convenience, our purchasing team purchase a large number of precious Traditional Chinese Medicine raw materials from all over the world, such as sea cucumber, fish maws, hippocampus, ox gallstones, etc.

As the leader of the natural ox gallstones (calculus bovis) buying company in Asia, our annually purchase amount can reach $25 million per year, and 100% of the ox gallstones are supplied to our proprietary pharmaceutical factories.

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