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Frequently Asked Questions In Ox Gallstones Business

Time: 2018-09-10

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Frequently Asked Questions In Ox Gallstones Business

Thanks for our regular suppliers and new suppliers give us their most trust, so that we can keep the growing momentum in the business of ox gallstones, cow gallstones, cattle gallstones, bezoar. We will try our best effort and patience to satisfy our suppliers’ expectation.

www.buy-ox-gallstones.com is an ox gallstones purchasing platform built by Grand Orient International for displaying the “must to know” knowledges about the ox gallstones. On the other hand, it can be act as an reliable communicate bridge between our and suppliers.

If you want know the ox gallstones price or who is the real ox gallstones buyer, This website is a very important website you have to know.

Here are the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which are usually happens in the conversation between our customer service and our suppliers. You can view it and know more about our policy.

1.       What is your price for the ox gallstones ?

-       Please send the pictures of your ox gallstones to us, we have to offer the price base on the quality of your ox gallstones.

2.      I have some ox gallstones, what is the guarantee that after I sent the ox gallstones to you I will get the money from you ?

-       We are in the ox gallstones business more than 20 years. 

        There are many scams in the Internet, but we are not ! 

        Just ensure you get the correct contact from our website.

3.      What is your official contact ?

-       Our official contact as bellowed:

Website: http://www.buy-ox-gallstones.com/ 


Contact person: Victor Lee

Whatsapp: 0086-156-9200-6831

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goiel/

Email: info.grandorient@gmail.com

4.      Can you offer me a better price ? I get another better offer from another buyer.

-       It is a good question. We are afraid that there is a market price in the market. We don’t have any capabilities to change it. 

        Remember, any unreasonable offer you get, it will be a potential loss for you.

5.      Are you only deal in ox gallstones ? we also can supply you bovine animal by-products.

-       Yes, you are right. We are only deal in ox gallstones, cow gallstones, cattle gallstones, bezoar etc. 

        Only ox gallstones we buy.

6.      Do you have any agents in my country? So that I can take the ox gallstones to this agent and get the money from this agent.

-       It is a good question. We have to declare here, we don’t have any agents in any others countries. 

        If any person or organizations tell you that they are the agent or representative of Grand Orient International(HK) ( www.buy-ox-gallstones.com ), then they are 100% scam.

7.      How can I send the ox gallstones to you ?

-       You can browse this link, and get more information from it. http://www.buy-ox-gallstones.com/index.php?m=Page&a=index&id=3 )

8.      After I sent you my ox gallstones, mostly, how long will I get my money ?

-       It will take 5 to 7 working days. Maximum it will not pass 7 days.

We hope this frequently asked questions article can help you so that we can grow the business together in the near future. 

Thank You !

You can contact us by these methods:

Mobile/ Whatsapp: +852 6105 7929

Email: info.grandorient@gmail.com


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