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Ox Gallstones cálculos biliares de buey

Time: 2018-10-29

We are buying ox gallstones

There are only two months left, the year of 2018 will be end.
Since the Christmas and the New Year are coming, we are afraid that this busy situation will be sustain to the end of 2018.
If you sent us messages to our official contact and we can not reply you in time, we are apologize for that. 

On these days, we get many questions or inquires like these:
- what is ox gallstones ? 
(cow gallstones, cattle gallstones, calculos biliares, calculu bovis, bezoar)
- are you the ox gallstones buyer ?
- what is the ox gallstones price ?
- how can i ship the ox gallstones to you ?
- how can i get my payament for the ox gallstones ?
- do you have any representitives or agents in my country to collect the stones?

We understand that how eagerly you want to know the answer.
Here is our official contact, we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Whatsapp: 0086-156-9200-6831
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KMcE1GK5FI
Email: info.grandorient@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/goiel/
Website: http://www.buy-ox-gallstones.com/index.php?l=cn
Recently, because of the issues of foreign exchange rate, intensifying competition, cost keep going up, etc. 

We get more challenges on the ox gallstones business, however, our existing suppliers keep on supporting us. 

here, we send the highest gratitude to our respected suppliers. 

We and our suppliers looks like sitting in the same boat, we will hand in hand to grow the business together with all our suppliers.

You can contact us by these methods:

Mobile/ Whatsapp: +852 6105 7929

Email: info.grandorient@gmail.com


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