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2020, We Start Again !

Time: 2020-05-05

2020, we start again !

ox gallstones

Dear friends,

Since December 2019, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) have broken out globally.

With the implementation of measures such as mandatory home separation orders, border closures and suspension of services in the banking system, businesses in all walks of life have been affected to varying degrees.

During this period, some suppliers responded to us. They sent the ox gallstones to some buyers, but those buyers not only did not pay for the goods, but also abandoned the mobile phone number they used to contact. We understand the anxiety that the supplier's business stopped during the epidemic and the income decreased. We hope you can open your eyes and choose a company with strong financial resources and a good reputation to cooperate with it.

As the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has eased in the Greater China region (Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and other countries and regions), we have begun to officially restart our ox gallstones procurement business on April 15. In the coming days, we hope to continue to work closely with trusted suppliers to open up a new chapter for our business.

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