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Real Ox Gallstones Buyer From Hong Kong

Time: 2023-09-25

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

- From the real ox gallstones buyer From Hong Kong

September 29, 2023 is the traditional festival in China, which we call the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

On the night of Mid-Autumn Festival, we can see the roundest and largest moon of the year. In traditional Chinese culture, a full moon symbolizes family reunion. 

Therefore, on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese people will gather with their families to admire the big and round moon, eat moon cakes, and share their happy and interesting things in life together.

Here, our ox gallstones/ cattle gallstones purchasing business team sends the most sincere blessings to everyone, hoping that everyone will have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. 

Because of the Mid-Autumn Festival, our company will have a three-day holiday from September 29th to October 1st.

During these three days, we will suspend all our business activities relating to the ox gallstones/ cattle gallstones procurement business. 

On October 2, all our business activities will return to normal.

Thanks all our suppliers and business partners to supporting us, we get a good reputation in the ox gallstones business.

However, recently, there are some individuals or companys are using our company title or Victor Lee's name to asking our suppliers to supply the ox gallstones to them, and most of them are the scam. 

Here is our unique offical contact:

Contact Person: Victor Lee

Contact Number/ Whatspp: +852 6105 7929

Email: info.grandorient@gmail.com

Lastly, we may you have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

You can contact us by these methods:

Mobile/ Whatsapp: +852 6105 7929

Email: info.grandorient@gmail.com


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